In this project I created an interactable device that included sound elements. Inspired by artists playing multiple instruments within one performance, I looked to create a drum instrument that would only require one hand. This also led me to use my interaction design skills to find basic affordability's of drums, and how these could be translated to a single hand device. It became clear that a glove using flex sensors and a pressure sensor was simple to understand and to pick up and use.
For this prototype only two sensors were used. One pressure sensor in the thumb portion of the glove for tapping, and a flex sensor inside the index finger of the glove for air drumming. The prototype also took advantage of the x-OSCs gyroscope to allow for different sounds to me made on each sensor as the hand was rotated. For example, if the thumb was facing to the sky it would provide sounds like high hats, and when the hand rotates these sounds change to different parts of the drum kit, such as toms and kicks.
Mapping Diagram created by Josh Hart
These sensor measurements would also be used to create a high detailed velocity system. Playing the gated sounds at a volume appropriate for how hard the user "hit the drum".

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