For this project, I have researched and explored the future of live music performances, and what virtual environments can provide to the medium. I have also looked into the meaning of liveness and its origin, to determine if the competing experience's made, met the criteria of being live. These experiences were popularised by games such as Fortnite and Roblox, but it was clear these music performances pushed the boundaries of physical environments, but lacked a Live aspect due to their prerecorded nature. This project included a range of analytical writing including a proposal for the project, research documentation, and a final report. 

These papers explored the above mentioned liveness, market competitors, objectives of the project, methods, tools and techniques that will be used, risks to the project and much more. The project has required time and project managements skills to make sure all elements of the project stay on track, to achieve this I made a project log and gantt chart.
What is the project's end goal?
For this project I will be creating my own unity prototype, that will demonstrate the new possibilities of using virtual environments, and the benefits they would provide to music performances.
Software and hardware used throughout the project
- Unity
- Photon Pun
- Normcore
- Open XR
- Oculus Developer App
- Oculus Quest 2 with link​​​​​​​
The projects step by step process
- Creating an Open XR rig for a VR headset and controllers
- Creating an avatar that is joined to the XR rig
     - Adding hands and animations to trigger presses
- Multiplayer Integration
- Introduce a themed environment
- Interactable network objects
- Personal user interfaces, for environment customisation
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